Luxury 100% Natural 1000 Pocket Spring Mattress 28cm Depth Medium Firm Comfort

£229.00 £599.00

Our largest selling mattress worldwide - why?

This mattress has 1000 individual pocket springs and is manufactured from 100% natural fibres and filled with the finest Yorkshire Lambs Wool creating the perfect luxury sleep each and every night.

We created this mattress simply because we wanted the utmost in natural luxury & comfort to be affordable to everyone. It will hug the contours of your body while offering pressure relief and antibacterial properties.


Key Features:

- 1000 Pocket Springs
- Luxury Micro Quilted Cover
- Anti Bacterial
- Pressure Relief
- Cashmere, Lambs Wool, Silk & Cotton Fillings
- Multi Support
- Non Turn

Pocket sprung mattresses are great because each spring moves individually, giving you the support you need in your natural sleeping position. This means your sleep won't be interrupted by your partner's movements and the most strained parts of the body can sink deeper into the mattress, keeping your spine perfectly aligned.

This mattress has 1000  individual springs that are designed to maximise the support for parts of the body that are most pressured throughout the day.

It’s designed to spread your bodyweight across the mattress, which will also allow you to move independently from your partner too.

The mattress is filled with the finest Yorkshire lambs wool creating pure comfort as well as ensuring a cool nights sleep in the summer months and a warm sleep in the winter.