York 800 Pocket Spring Mattress 25cm Depth Medium Firm Comfort

£199.00 £399.00

Having been asked many times for the equivalent of the mattresses used in Premier Inns. We have developed this excellent quality, great value pocket sprung mattress.

Pocket sprung mattresses are great because each spring moves individually, giving you the support you need in your natural sleeping position. This means your sleep won't be interrupted by your partner's movements and the most strained parts of the body can sink deeper into the mattress, keeping your spine perfectly aligned.

This mattress contains 800 pocket springs which move individually, giving the feeling of extra support when they move with the contours of your body. Such a design has many benefits, supporting major joints like the shoulders, hips and knees, alongside promoting the natural form of your spine. Even better, the 800 pocket springs support individual sleepers, meaning you will not feel your partner moving around at night.



  • 800 body moulding pocket springs
  • Double side and turnable for extra mattress life
  • Luxury Micro Quilted Cover
  • Made In Britain